National Health Center Week 2022

298590448_457862129681687_14603226745665252_n.jpg Community Health Centers play a crucial role in the overall health of our population. They have always been designed to provide cost effective, quality medical care to the under-served. They often do so with budget and staffing constraints. One week every year, we recognize their mighty contributions to society—National Health Center Week.

National Health Center Week is an annual celebration with a goal of raising awareness about the missions and accomplishments of America's health centers. The celebration has continued for five decades; symbolizing the love, strength, support and care for local communities. This event brings together a diverse group of people, neighbors and friends while honoring the staff, patients and front line workers involved in the efforts to create a healthier future for everyone. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Community Health Centers have played an essential role in ensuring access to affordable, quality healthcare for everyone. These facilities are locally run, yet part of a national network that serves almost 30 million people nationwide. Its services save American taxpayers $24 billion annually in health care costs, preventing and managing chronic diseases, while treating common illnesses and injuries. 

National Health Center Week took place from August 7th - August 13th, 2022. Each day was dedicated to different facets of the community, as listed below. 

Sunday, 8/7: Public Health in Housing Day

Monday, 8/8: Healthcare for the Homeless Day

Tuesday, 8/9: Agricultural Worker Health Day

Wednesday, 8/10: Patient Appreciation Day

Thursday, 8/11: Stakeholder Appreciation Day

Friday, 8/12: Health Center Staff Appreciation Day

Saturday, 8/13: Children’s Health Day

This year, Southwest Community Health Center hosted our 15th annual health fair partnering with local partners such as Read to Grow, Wakeman Boys and Girls Club, Triangles Community Center, Connecticut Worker Center, Access Health CT, Prevention Corps, Southwestern AHEC and the Center for Family Justice. 

The Star 99.9 Van also came out to provide music and prizes. School-aged children of Bridgeport received free backpacks and school supplies for the coming year. Read to Grow provided FREE age appropriate books to put in each child’s backpack.

Click here to watch our video re-cap of the health fair festivities